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Coporate Packages

Welcome to our bespoke corporate mental health packages! We offer a customized approach to mental health and well-being in the workplace, tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Our packages are designed to promote employee wellness, improve productivity, and reduce the risk of workplace stress and burnout.

Change your future Therapy has partnered with Skyline Training to work with your organization to design a package that meets your unique needs and budget. Our services include:

  1. Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs): We offer EAPs to provide your employees with confidential therapy services, and resources to manage stress and mental health concerns.

  2. Workplace Training: We offer a range of training programs, including Mental health first aid (details below) stress management, mindfulness, and mental health awareness, to help employees develop the skills and tools to manage their mental health in the workplace.

  3. Coaching and Consulting: Our mental health experts offer one-on-one coaching and consulting services to help employees manage mental health challenges and develop healthy coping strategies.

  4. Mental Health Assessments: We provide comprehensive mental health assessments to identify potential mental health issues in your workforce and develop targeted interventions to address them.

Our bespoke corporate mental health packages are designed to help your organization create a culture of well-being and support. By investing in the mental health and well-being of your employees, you can improve productivity, reduce absenteeism, and attract and retain top talent.

Contact us today to learn more about our bespoke corporate mental health packages and how we can help your organization promote employee wellness and mental health

A picture of a book that has a ripped cover On the book, it is written, "The Strength in our Scars."

Mental heath First Aid:


Change your future therapy has partnered with  Skyline Training, to enable us to specialize in comprehensive Mental Health First Aid training to address the well-being needs of your company. We offer a range of services, from initial needs assessments to training sessions, corporate retreats, and guidance for therapy referrals, all facilitated through our straightforward  process.


What We Offer:


Basic Package


- Clinical in-depth information on specific Mental Health issues affecting your employees.

- 3-day supervising First Aid for Mental Health course.

- Follow-up call.


Plus Package


Includes everything in the Basic Package, along with:


- 2x yearly refresher training.

- Full Mental Health Analysis report.


Additional Training for further employees is available at a small extra charge.  We offer Either  half, full or two day training. 


Detailed Package Information:


 Basic Package


1. Needs Assessment:

   We will provide clinical, in-depth information on Mental Health issues affecting your employees via Zoom or another online platform. This session involves discussing existing issues, offering advice on promoting a positive work culture, and addressing any specific concerns.


2. Training:

   A 3-day supervising First Aid for Mental Health course will be conducted for up to 12 people, either via Zoom or in-house (subject to terms and conditions). This course includes 2 days of training followed by 1 day of assessments. Certifications are valid for 3 years, with a recommended yearly refresher.


3. Follow-up:

   We will schedule a follow-up meeting approximately a week later to ensure understanding of the next steps and address any queries arising from the training.



 Plus Package


In addition to Basic Package features:


1. Refresher Training:

   Skyline Training offers a yearly half-day refresher session via Zoom during the certificated period.


2. Analysis Report:

   We will provide a comprehensive report with best practice recommendations. This includes assessing policies, procedures, and general well-being within your corporation through questionnaires and evaluations.


Optional Extras:


1. Mental Health First Aid Awareness Course:

   A half-day Zoom course for all employees to gain basic understanding and contribute to creating a positive Mental Health environment in the workplace.


2. Wellbeing Days:

   Tailored wellbeing days, ranging from mindfulness sessions to corporate away days.


3. Employee Formulation Sessions:

   Zoom sessions with Nicola to address specific employee issues and formulate action plans.


4. Anonymous Questionnaire:

   An emailed link for employees to share feedback anonymously, providing valuable data for building a positive Mental Health community.


For a full quote, or to Customise your Mental Health First Aid training experience with our optional extras to meet your company's unique needs simply press the contact us button above.  

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